Published papers - Methodology saemix and SAEM

  1. Karimi B, Lavielle M, Moulines E.
    f-SAEM: A fast Stochastic Approximation of the EM algorithm for nonlinear mixed effects models.
    Computational Statistics & Data Analysis. 2020, 141:123-38.
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  2. Delattre M, Lavielle M, Poursat MA.
    A note on BIC in mixed-effects models.
    Electronic Journal of Statistics, 2014, 8:456-75.
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  3. Comets E, Lavenu L, Lavielle M.
    Parameter estimation in nonlinear mixed effect models using saemix, an R implementation of the SAEM algorithm.
    Journal of Statistical Software, 2017, 80:1-41.
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  4. Savic RM, Mentré F, Lavielle M.
    Implementation and Evaluation of the SAEM Algorithm for Longitudinal Ordered Categorical Data with an Illustration in Pharmacokinetics–Pharmacodynamics.
    The AAPS Journal, 2011, 13:44–53.
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  5. Savic R, Lavielle M.
    Performance in population models for count data, part II: A new SAEM algorithm.
    Journal of Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, 2009 36:367–379.
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  6. Kuhn E, Lavielle M.
    Coupling a stochastic approximation version of EM with an MCMC procedure.
    ESAIM: Probability and Statistics. 2004, 8:115–31.
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  7. Delyon B, Lavielle M, Moulines E.
    Convergence of a Stochastic Approximation Version of the EM Algorithm.
    The Annals of Statistics, 1999, 27:94–128.
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Published papers - Methodology, other

  1. Ranke J, Wöltjen J, Schmidt J, Comets E.
    Taking kinetic evaluations of degradation data to the next level with nonlinear mixed-effects models.
    Environments, 2021, 8: 71.
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  2. Boedeker P.
    Nonlinear Mixed-Effects Growth Models: A Tutorial Using ’saemix’ in R.
    Methodology, 2021, 17:250-270.
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  3. Comets E, Mentré F.
    Developing tools to evaluate non-linear mixed effect models : 20 years on the npde adventure.
    AAPS Journal, 2021, 23: 75.
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  4. Comets E, Brendel K, Mentré F.
    Computing normalised prediction distribution errors to evaluate nonlinear mixed-effect models: the npde add-on package for R.
    Computer Methods and Programs in Biomedicine, 2008, 90: 154-66.
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  5. Nguyen T, Mouksassi MS, Holford N, Al-Huniti N, Freedman I, Hooker AC, John J, Karlsson MO, Mould DR, Pérez Ruixo JJ, Plan EL, Savic R, van Hasselt J, Weber B, Zhou C, Comets E, Mentré F, Model Evaluation Group of the International Society of Pharmacometrics (ISoP) Best Practice Committee.
    Model Evaluation of Continuous Data Pharmacometric Models: Metrics and Graphics.
    CPT Pharmacometrics and Systems Pharmacology, 2017, 6:87-109.
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Published papers - Applications

  1. Vagnoni DB, Davidson M, Rubio L, Oetzel GR, Comets E.
    Prepartum dietary acidogenic salts and postpartum oral calcium supplemental for dairy cows.
    Animals, 2021 ; 11 : 3131.
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  2. Paioni P, Jäggi VF, Tilen R, Seiler M, Baumann P, Bräm DS, Jetzer C, Haid RTU, Goetschi AN, Goers R, Müller D, Coman Schmid D, Meyer zu Schwabedissen HE, Rinn B, Berger C, Krämer SD.
    Gentamicin Population Pharmacokinetics in Pediatric Patients—A Prospective Study with Data Analysis Using the saemix Package in R.
    Pharmaceutics. 2021; 13(10):1596.
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  3. Costet N, Pelé F, Comets E, Rouget F, Monfort C, Bodeau-Livinec F, Linganiza EM, Bataille H, Kadhel P, Multigner L, Cordier S.
    Perinatal exposure to chlordecone and infant growth.
    Environmental Research, 2015, 142: 123-34.
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